Friday, January 27, 2012


Been forgetting the real camera, but the phone camera can always do the trick in a pinch.  
I've got to admit, I had fun with this one.  I didn't have as much prep time to work up the drawing as I like, need, or usually have, but we pulled it off.  I like to have a drawing (especially a bigger one) completed well before the appointment so I can have some time to really digest and critique it.  Sometimes you get so wrapped up in the drawing process, that you really need to re-visit it a day or two later with a fresh set of eyes and clear head.  Not always, but often you'll see things that you weren't  able to before (sometimes very glaring mistakes).
Due to some scheduling and communication glitches (not the end of the world though) I was actually finishing the final line drawing of this about 5 minutes before he came in.  Like I said, certainly not how I prefer to do it, but it can also really work.  If you've had nothing but one image in your head for a while and you're drawing, drawing, drawing and then jump straight into the tattoo, there's like a muscle memory thing that just transitions right over to the outline.  It feels much more like you're still just drawing rather than tattooing.  Hope that makes sense...
That in combination with the fact that this dragon design was a little looser than I normally do it (which is a direction I will certainly be heading in) and he sat like a rock made it a success.
(And as for the rest of the scales, he had to get out of there to pick his son up at day care, so we'll have to draw the remaining ones in next time)

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