Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Koi Sleeve

I'm very enthused that we were able to get some more work done on this sleeve that was started several months ago.  She lives about 8 hours away, and she and her husband come up a few times a year to get tattooed.  Last visit we outlined the whole arm during 2 sessions in 2 days.  I was (and am) really into into it, and enjoyed the slight added pressure of having to do a little more work than normal for me, as she was traveling from such a long distance to get it.
This first of two sessions we began color starting at the wrist.  Although I had some slight reservations about it at first, she really wanted vibrant blue water, and despite the fact that I almost never do it that way (black and grey shading has been the norm for me), I thought it could be really cool and knew that it would suit her very well.
It was a slightly different mental approach for me to go in making it as rich and bright as possible, but I think it really works.  Once I got into the swing of things I started having a lot of fun with it.  I'm always very conscious of staying focused and present while working, not really thinking about much, but I distinctly remember reflecting on how it was really fun to do something that was a slight tweak off of how I normally do it...

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