Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Well, this was actually started over a year ago, and we are just now getting to coloring the elbow region in.
There is a hawk above (that I did a few years ago) that takes up most of the upper arm, and a snake and clouds that were added later (that we're still finishing).  After completing the lower arm, we should just have a couple more sessions up top to be pretty much done.
This go around I shaded in the background on the elbow and colored in the chrysanthemum bud.  These flowers were intended to be very strong and bold, and I think have sort of that old school punch and good visual impact.  I went back to the powdered Japanese white  pigment on this one, and it went in great for sort of a rough spot on the arm.  I'm also happy that the white on the blue flower from at least a year or more ago is still looking good and bright, and it makes me feel confident that this one will stay very vibrant as well.
Getting really solid, rich white can be tricky sometimes, but he seems to take it well.  
He's always been super enthused about his tattoos and the process, and it's good to have him back in the rotation again...

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