Friday, January 13, 2012

Tengu Sleeve

Last time we pretty much finished up the robes of the lower karasu (crow) tengu, and this time it was on up to the the big man at the top.
I do enjoy working on the clothing patterns, although these real detail oriented sessions can be a mixed bag.  It really gives the tattoo that something special, but you sure don't cover that much square footage in a session.  It ultimately is about quality over quantity (as with most things in life) and as long as I feel good about what we're putting on and he continues to be super happy then it's a win win.
I realized that we only have 1-2 sessions left and it's a done deal.  I'm really happy with this set of sleeves he's gotten (fox one on the other side).  We were able to do them one right after the other which really helped maintain aesthetic cohesion. That combined with their individual symbolism (and as a pair) in relation to the client's life just made for a very unique and positive situation.
Sounds like we'll be heading to his back next...

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