Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tiger Sleeve

Even though he's one of our favorite people around here, I sure didn't take it easy on him this session.  Started right on the elbow and shaded the whole thing solid in one shot.  Then it was around to the inner arm for more fill in.  Rounded out the day by finishing the thick rock lines around both sides of the arm pit.  I imagine it was one of our more intense sessions for him, but as always he laid there perfectly still and relaxed.  His dedication to getting tattooed really invigorates me and is a constant reminder of all of the best aspects of what I do.
We've actually had another session since that one, and although I forgot my camera I was able to snap a couple pics on the phone...

Another painful day I would imagine.  All up the inside of the arm, skirting the arm pit and onto the chest.  It's cool to see the silhouette of the sleeve taking shape and I'm really focused on moving ahead in a couple weeks...

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