Friday, January 27, 2012

Body Suit (Koi and Lotus)

After the last year of diligently working on the dragons on his sides, it was finally time to start new work below the knee.
As it stands now, his dragons are outlined from under the arm pit down to the thigh, and the background is 100% done down just past the waist.  The back piece (phoenix) has been done for years, although there is still a little background to finish on one butt cheek.  We got to a place where it was either color in the dragons, or start outlining the rest.  I decided to go the later route...
His whole upper body has clouds as background and as we get to the bottom we'll be transitioning into water and a few rocks. He had the dragonflies (of which I plan on adding more) on his thighs already that served as a very natural meeting point between the sky and the water.  We went with lotuses as they're an aquatic flower, and there's not going to be much earth element going on in this piece.
Of course I didn't get a great picture, but from the back and side views it's really cool to see the upper body and legs almost connected.  After next session (where my plan is to outline the whole back of the left thigh above the koi) he'll have solid tattoo from the top of the shoulder to the ankle.  Pretty exciting stuff...

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