Monday, January 9, 2012

Japanese Hulk

Yup, that's's a Japanese warrior Hulk.
Definitely one of my more fun and original requests in quite a while.  He asked for the Hulk as a samurai or ninja or just some bad ass looking Asian dude.
It was super fun from the drawing through to the final session.  The only snag was in the beginning, deciding the ratio of Hulk to warrior.  Do you make it the classic bare chested Hulk with some Japanese clothing and weapon details, or do you focus on the Japanese part and let the green guy be secondary?  I sort of chose the later approach.  I figured as long as his face and hands were showing (and green), you'd be able to figure out who it was.  That way I could focus more on the clothing and patterns (which to me is way more interesting than some green pecs and six pack) and try to "trick it out" a bit more.  Since it's a sort of campy premise (and totally cool at the same time), I subtly hammed it up a little by putting the kanji for strength in the robes, and trimming it with the universal nuclear sign as a repeating pattern.  He's the new school Hulk from the comics with the smaller head, but it makes his hands look way bigger and more substantial...
Super fun tattoo on a super fun guy who I'm looking forward to working on more in the near future (you should see his next idea...)

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