Thursday, February 2, 2012

Chrysanthemums and Rocks

Another poor quality phone pic, but it gives you the general idea.  
These flowers are an extension of a half sleeve done several years ago (that I wrote about somewhere a few months ago).  This session was finishing up the blue and gold one (although I just realized I forgot the center) and starting the red one.  I'll still be doing a bit more than just that red to the upper one but we ran out of time.
On his other arm he has a few peonies that are very graceful and classic.  The idea on this side was to go a bit wilder.  I drew the whole thing on to try and keep it a bit looser and free feeling, and when it came time the color we wanted to crank up the excitement meter just a little.
There is a fine line however between something that is colorful and high energy, and something that is just gaudy and loud...
It's great that he's open to whatever, and it's fun for me to play around a little more with color combinations.  It's not really that crazy or over the top at all, but a definitely a little push ahead of where I normally go with it...

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