Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Body Suit

Looks like we're back in outline mode for a while.  Although it can be a bit more intense for both of us, I think it's a healthy change of pace.  After just shading for so long it took me a minute to clear out the cobwebs and start creating some new images and figure out where this is all headed (I've got a pretty good idea, so it's really about putting in the time at the drawing table and lots of hours drawing on him with markers).
Not many pleasant areas got tattooed this session.  Lots of upper and inner thigh, mixed with some back of the knee action.  I know it's some rough territory for him, but he's so dedicated to this project and excited at seeing the progress, that he's soldiering through (not to mention all that he's already been through and gotten done, this is just another day at the office).
Think I'll be outlining the rest of this leg next time, then over to the other one to line it all out.  Fish, rocks, lotus, dragonflies, and who knows what else might pop up...

1 comment:

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