Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Blossoms and Peonies

Well I think this all worked out very nicely.  We finished the peacock cover up some time ago, and on her last visit we did blossoms around it and floating across her chest.  This visit (she lives 7 hours away so we do a few sessions over a few days usually) was all about doing the other arm.  We did three fairly mellow sessions back to back.  Day one we drew on and completed the purple peony.  Day two we did the yellow one, and day three was the bud and blossoms.
We had discussed some ideas over email, and had a basic idea of where we were heading, but when we met up in person it sort of morphed into this, and i think it was absolutely the best way to go. 
In almost every older Japanese peacock print I saw, they are shown with peonies, a very classic pairing.  And as it is associated with spring, it matched the blossoms as well.  One of her first ideas for this arm was an octopus, although I felt it wouldn't fit thematically or visually.  As we discussed it a little further there was an element of sexuality that the octopus represents that the peony can represent as well.
I really couldn't be happier with how the arms work as a pair.  I think it really looks like one image split over two arms.  I also like the restraint shown on the chest.  Lately it seems like you see a lot of large, dense chest pieces (which is totally fine) but this is a very subtle way to have that area covered in tattoo.
There was talk of water background that we've decided to work with lower on the body, but she really does like the look of darker grey shading contrasting with the color, so there will most likely be some cloudy mist behind the bird and flowers in the future...

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