Thursday, February 2, 2012

Chrysanthemum, Skull, Koi Leg

It's been almost a couple years in the making, but we're just about there...
We still have some background to fill in on the inner thigh, and some flames around the toad, then it's time to call it until we have to hook it up to whatever back/side work he'll probably get to in the future.
It's been a very enjoyable ride the whole way through.  Since the beginning he's had a very clear vision of what he wanted, and as it went along his suggestions and input were always spot on.  A color tweak here and there, or suggestion of how a certain part might flow, it was always helpful but not over bearing...
I feel no sense of ownership over the tattoos I do, and firmly believe that it is the client's piece to wear, not mine as the artist.  There sometimes can be a conflict between fulfilling the client's wishes and doing what's "best" for the tattoo (in terms of composition, content, color etc).  Each situation and person is different, so I have no real set system of how I go about things.  I just take it as it comes and really listen to and try to understand the client, then do my best to make a nice drawing and be very present and focused while applying it.
Often times the client is 100% open to letting me do the tattoo as I see best and leaves everything in my hands.  I really appreciate the freedom and trust, but it's a lot of responsibility and I don't mind having a little direction (as long as it's thoughtful and constructive).  Luckily on this project his input was always constructive and really did help make it a better piece.
(And his ideas for the sleeve we'll be starting after this are pretty cool and unique as well)...

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