Friday, February 10, 2012

Karashishi and Peonies

And here's our work from day one.
As I mentioned before, we'd only been communicating by email, and this was our first meeting, but it all worked out great.  The drawing I had done fit on his arm perfectly in one shot (and even the actual size I had drawn it...sort of a meant to be scenario).  Not bad for having never seen his arm before.  One fact I had totally forgotten until we were just about to start was that this is his first tattoo ever.  
I have to say I really love the fact that he's been thinking about getting tattooed for a long time, did his homework as to what image/style he would like, researched it's meaning and what artist could do the style he was interested in, patiently waited and saved up for a year, woke up in the morning drove four hours and then went for it.  I constantly reflect on how lucky I am to have clients like this...
He turned out to be a super nice guy and he sat really great for so much outline at once.  The plan for today is to draw on and outline the background and get as much of it shaded as possible. 
 Stay tuned...

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