Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Long time no update...
Running a tattoo studio is as hectic and fun as ever, and I've been gearing up and getting excited to get out of town to NY soon (which I'm booked up for already, so it's super cool that I can really concentrate the energy on just a few folks who are looking to get some serious work in a short time).  Not to mention all the construction we've got going on next to the studio, and the big impending move coming up...
Also just about a month out from child number two, so the home front is non stop as well.
Through it all I remain fortunate to be busy with high energy fun work on great folks though, and that's really what it's about.
Finished up this flower the other day.  We drew it on and grey shaded it before this color session.  I feel like that gives it kind of a richer tone that provides more depth and prevents it from getting too "loud" with the color.  And it's fun for me as it's a totally different approach to the peony for me (gotta keep experimenting and trying to figure it all out I guess).
It's a companion piece to a large chrysanthemum on her other shoulder that also has some fairly deep hues but still feels colorful.
She's one of the twice a month folks for most of the year, and we're getting to the point where we've got a few different projects going at once.  It can be really nice to hop around to different pieces and not stagnate to much with one thing.  Always look forward to our sessions and hearing what's coming next... 


  1. This is amazing work, I love the rich color. I have been wanting to get a tattoo for sometime now and have been searching for an artist as well. I know you are very busy Brian, but is there any way I can book an appointment? I would like to get a floral tattoo that starts from my chest and flows to my back, most black and gray with a few rich red flowers.


    1. Thanks so much...
      It's true I'm booked for quite a while.
      Email me at and I can et you know the specifics...