Friday, May 11, 2012

Dragon Backpiece (Cover-up)

Really enjoying exploring a new background look on this one.  It struck me a while back while looking through Kuniyoshi's Suikoden series ( that I really dig the style of background he was doing on his representations of the famous bandits, and it's strange that you don't see it more in tattooing.
His drawings are widely considered the most important influence on Japanese full body tattooing.  Although you do see this more stippled look occasionally, it's not really too common.
I think it has a really strong folky look, and I've really wanted to do it on a larger piece.  Also, since this was a pretty big cover up, the misty style clouds were going to work the best so it was a perfect opportunity.
Been taking it easy the past couple sessions with all the shading, but next time is outlining over the right butt cheek and down the thigh...

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