Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hannya and Snake

The first session on this new sleeve.
We recently finished his whole leg (koi, skull, flowers, toad etc.) and he was back to start the arm a couple weeks later.  As with his leg, he had a very clear idea of the images he wanted for the sleeve.  He brought in great reference, expressed the color tones and vibe he was going for very well, and now it's pretty much in my court.  It is a very ideal kind of collaboration for me.  He's got a great eye (which is really one of the most important traits to have in this business I think) and understands good design.
There will be another snake on the bottom of the arm wrapping through a stylized skull and lots more peonies (oh yeah, and we're covering an old arm band).  I'm thinking the look we're going for here is going to be minimal background at best, and really fill the open spaces with snake body and flowers.  He's talking very dense and very dark color scheme, and I'm digging it all the way...