Sunday, April 15, 2012

Tiger Sleeve

And the bottom tiger is colored! (minus the tail...)
Originally my plan had been too go through and do all of the bamboo leaves for this session.  The logic was that I'd have all the same color out and I'd just get into a rhythm and knock em all out at once.
Then I realized that although necessary and productive, that would be a really boring session for the both of us.  That morning I just had a tiger stuck in my head and couldn't shake it, so that's where we went with it.  I had told him about the all greenery day before and he was cool with it, but he's been such a great client that I wanted to stoke him out with a little surprise change of plan.  I'm sure it's been much more fun looking at this than a bunch of leaves (although I did get a few in there).
Looking forward to seeing this again soon, as those warmer ochre/orangey/goldish tones tend to look better healed in when you can see the different shade variations more...

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