Friday, September 2, 2011

Water Woman

Been chipping away at this one for a while.  She and her husband are great clients who have had standing appointments every other week for the last year or more (and have already booked through next year!)
This piece has been a little different for me as she has come in with the ideas the day of the appointment and I get it ready on the spot.  The jellyfish was a stencil, but everything else was drawn on the skin and done the same day (she already had the purple rose at the bottom and some older work on her upper arm).
We've still got some nooks and crannies to fill, but almost done (then on to many other projects).  It's been cool to do things with more spontaneous energy and figure it out as you go.  Leads to a more "unique" look from me I think, that has a bit of a fun quality to it...

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