Wednesday, September 21, 2011

San Francisco

Just got back from one of many visits I make to SF every year.  I went down to interview my good friend Kahlil Rintye from Ed Hardy's Tattoo City.  It was an honor to document some conversations with such a thoughtful and serious tattooer, and to do it for what I consider the finest English language tattoo publication around, Tattoo Artist Magazine (a very high end quarterly trade journal not available on regular news stands).  Kahlil's style and work ethic have been a great influence to me and you can see why at
Here's an example:

It was great to get away and recharge the creative batteries.  I also had a chance to do this... I'd say it was a perfect trip (yes, that's Toshiro Mifune eating ramen...and true, it doesn't really get cooler that that).

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