Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Since she didn't come back the next day as promised for a proper photo and to get appointments for her next big piece, all I got is this low quality cell phone pic for now.
After lots of "debate" over proper dragon aesthetics and color, this one is finally done.  This was her first big tattoo, and she's kind of learning the process as we go.  I'm happy with the finished look, and she really loves how it fits on her frame, which is quite long in real life (giraffe like as she says).
Looking forward to some better pics from different angles.  Sometimes when doing a tattoo, you get so focused on the task at hand and are just concentrating on one small area at a time, that it's hard to really take the whole thing in.  I spend a lot of time just looking at the pictures of the piece later to be able to  analyze and critique it.  I also really enjoy seeing them in real life after a few months to a year, when the've been lived in for a while.  To me a tattoo with some age on it is much more enjoyable than something shiny and new.  I think I feel that way about most things...

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