Thursday, September 8, 2011

Body Suit

A lot of times I meet or interact with people that know I'm a tattooer, but not really familiar with the actual studio or work.  Then at some point they'll tell me they've checked out the blog.  Usually they are super nice and complimentary, say something about how impressed they are with all the big involved tattoos, then most will make a comment about how many butts I tattoo.
I guess I do have quite a few projects in the works that go south of the border.
First off...I really admire all the folks getting these big pieces that have no trepidation or self consciousness about tattooing below the belt.  It hurts a lot, you never really see it, but it really adds so much scale and dimension to a piece to not just stop at the pant line.  So many people only think in terms of having clothes on, that it can really limit their tattoo.  A really solid back piece that stops at the waist can feel very square and squat.  Kind of cuts off the flow and doesn't really make use of the body.  
I'd also like to thank all my clients getting this work to allow themselves to be photographed all the time.  It's a small area, and a lot of folks know them (and their rear ends well by now), but their dedication to the work is very deep and they embrace it.  
A small amount of nudity is just a part of these big back tattoos, and actually it really is hard to feel naked when you're this covered...

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