Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Yes, another chrysanthemum, and unfortunately some not so great photos.  His arm was shaved so smooth that it was reflecting any slight bit of light and had some serious shine going on.  Someday I will take the photography part of this more seriously, but I've got my hands full for now just trying to get all these tattoos on folks.
We recently finished a 3/4 sleeve on his other arm (forgot to get pics of course) and this is the start of the other side.  There will be more chrysanthemums and we're thinking just rocks for the background.  There is some pretty specific reasoning for these choices that I'll get into some other time.
Had fun drawing it on and trying out something a little different.  Nothing crazy, but I tried to get a little fancier on the petal ends.  He's a great dude and cool artist, so I had to give him a little something special...

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