Monday, November 14, 2011

Tiger Sleeve

Been going through an extra busy patch of life lately and haven't been able to keep up on everything.  The site here has seen a little neglect as of late, but it certainly isn't because of any lack of cool tattoos.
The other week I got to finish the rest of the line work and start shading the background.  We got to log a bit more time than usual and it was a great session.
It's rare that I only have one person in a day, and this one one of those times.  I really got to draw and tattoo at a relaxed pace (mentally), and was really able to just zone out in the piece.  It really is a treat to just direct you energies toward one task a day and have the recipient stoked on it as well.
I'm really digging this one, and am excited to start covering some serious ground soon...

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