Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hagoromo Tennyo

Added the "ghost" pattern to the lower robes.  It's basically outlined in purple that has a drop of black in it, and the idea is that when it heals in all the way it will be subtle, but still clear and readable.
I also filled in a couple of  robe folds that I had spaced on before, and that just about does it.  I need one more session in the upper yellow sash to complete the cover up portion of the tattoo, then I think we're good.
I'll admit that I'm feeling a bit relieved that the pattern worked out so well.  There is a danger that any artist faces of over working a piece toward the end (not knowing when to call it finished and walk away) or not quite nailing it on the finishing touches.
I chose this pattern for a few reasons.  I wanted something very geometric that would play with the eyes a little and contrast to all the flowiness of the piece.  She also was really wanting to incorporate stars around the tattoo, as this is a celestial being.  I didn't want to do any stars near this piece, but one way of looking at the pattern is seeing a bunch of six pointed stars, so star problem solved!

It is also a very old pattern that is sometimes used in Buddhist deity's robes, so I deemed it "appropriate" for this image (and it looks nice with the dorjes, a buddhist implement, and her daughter's middle name).  
All in all, I think the tattoo is just right for her, and it's been quite the journey for the both of us.
P.S.  That's not a bruise on her right side, just some left over purple...

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