Tuesday, November 22, 2011


This is actually the start to a phoenix/dragon sleeve.  And lucky me, those happen to be two of the more complicated images in terms of line work and design in the bank of Japanese tattoo imagery to try and fit on one arm.  Since he already had the big shamrock (and even if he didn't it would be pretty tight) eating up some valuable real estate, I'm trying something slightly different.  
Next session I'll be adding the tail feathers going around the shamrock and cascading down the arm.  My plan is to let them fall where they will flow well and look good on the arm, not worrying to much about the dragon.  The phoenix will be in full color, and the dragon will be black and grey sort of blending in with the misty background.
It wouldn't really work to try and show the entire thing, so there will just be a head and neck with bits of body and claw and what not peeking through behind the bird throughout the arm...

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