Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Phoenix Leg

Started this one a while ago, then he moved to Colorado.  He's back in town for a little bit, so we're hoping to knock out as much as we can.  This session we drew on a bunch of the tail feathers and got them outlined.  Then, after those were done, I was looking at it and thinking flames would be a good idea...so that's what we got into next.
I'm planning on adding more feathers and flames all around the inside and back of the leg.  The idea is that this will be the one big piece on this leg to sort of bring all the smaller ones together.  The chrysanthemum was done by Shad from Belgium, the grey peony by Toshihide and the purple peony by Shunho (both from the Horitoshi Family in Tokyo), the peonies at the bottom by Bill Salmon from SF, the red dragon by Joel Long from Colorado, and the wacky traditional stuff by none other that Mike Taylor of Arcata fame...
It's pretty fun to weave in and out of other people's work and make it all one big piece.  The goal is to not overwhelm the smaller existing tattoos, but not make it look like you're avoiding them either.  I'll most likely be adding some pieces of flowers popping out here and there to really make it cohesive and more unified.  See him again in a few days so maybe then...?

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