Monday, August 15, 2011

Water Dragon

I might want to go back in on a spot or two, but this is basically a done deal.
We did the upper portion of his arm several years ago with no plans to bring it all the way down, but I like the way it blended together.
The top of the arm is very tranquil and serene, and he wanted to really contrast that on the bottom.  Chaotic and tumultuous was the feeling we were going for...trying to show that there can always be darkness and difficulty lurking under the surface (but the dragon is grabbing a pearl of wisdom on the inner arm rising out of the turbulence, for him to signify that calm and wisdom can be achieved if you have the fortitude to weather the storm).
Nice opportunity to do some fun art while at the same time give someone the very specific meaning and symbolism they were wanting to capture...

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