Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Cherry Blossom Cover-up

So here's what was going on before we started...

She 100% wanted to get rid of the lily and fairy in the lower/middle back, and was open to going over the tree as well...but definitely keep the Bambi.
We discussed several options, and my biggest concern was not doing something too "heavy".  The work to be covered is very thick and dense, and a serious challenge to cover (not to mention all the tattoos we have to work around at the same time).  The idea of doing part of a cherry blossom tree arose and seemed like it might be workable.

It was very difficult to cover the existing branches with new ones and maintain a little skin showing through, while not totally overwhelming the lower back.  She has a fairly lean frame, and anything too blobby wouldn't look good at all.
There was a desire on her part to bring the tattoo from the hip up over to the other shoulder, and this image was able to do this very well I believe.
We still have to finish outlining a section on the lower right, and the rest of the lower middle back tattoo is getting covered with a very stylized rock formation.
It took quite a bit of effort to figure this one out, but I'm really happy that she's getting rid of something she truly didn't like (imagine a really bad haircut that never changed), and feeling really positive about her new tattoo...

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