Thursday, August 18, 2011

Tiger Sleeve

Started the lower tiger on this sleeve that is a continuation from a few weeks ago:

As always, he was a model client, and his understanding and respect of the process really motivates and lights a fire under me.  I like being around people who are really passionate about the things they are into (and if it's their tattoo work, even better).
This tiger will have water cascading over it, obscuring the rear and one side of the body.
A couple of weeks ago I noticed this Hokusai print...
...and was really struck by it, and wanting to go for a similar look.  That composition looks like a natural fit for a forearm, and although mine isn't quite the same, it served as great reference.
I have been fortunate to have spent time with some amazing tattooers over the years, and some of the best advice I've gotten was to buy books, study them, and keep them around myself.  Over time, you start to really form a mental library of images (and the more of a visual foundation you have to draw off of, the better the tattoos is the idea)...

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