Monday, January 17, 2011

Shoki Body Suit Day 5

Well he made it through the week.  And with flying colors I might add.
Went over to the other thigh and outlined another demon.  This dude is holding a giant hammer and stepping up through flames toward Shoki.  It is the balance to the demon on the other thigh who is falling instead of ascending, but also holding a giant weapon...

From the front you can just see both the axe and hammer, and they are forming sort of a yin yang.
Eventually we will be adding two other demons (one coming up the back of the left thigh and one across the lower back/butt that is getting stomped on by the tiger).  I'm purposely putting 4 demons back there as the word for four in Japanese is "shi", which is also a word for death.  The number four is considered a bad omen or unlucky by many Japanese for this reason.  My thought was that the oni foursome would be even more menacing with this numerological tie in...
I'm excited that he'll be back in a month, and even more so because during the whole week session he's here my friend Hide from the Horitoshi family will be in town visiting and tattooing with me.
He does traditional Japanese tebori (hand poke) tattooing and it should really add something to the vibe in the studio that week.
More info on Hide coming soon...

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