Friday, January 7, 2011

Durga Weapons and Flowers

Well, it's been a while since it happened, but this session kinda kicked my ass.
I think it was over five hours of line work, but it's still a bit of a blur and my hand and wrist are still feeling it.  
The concept she came to me with was wanting to do a sleeve of lots of different flowers with all of the implements of the Hindu goddess Durga scattered throughout (vajra, snake, lotus, sword, chakram, mace, bow, conch, trident and rope).  We wanted it to look pretty dense, but no background.  Sounded super fun but it definitely took some hours at the drawing table to figure out.  It's actually a pretty complicated sleeve to lay out (I think it took 2 hours just to get it stenciled and drawn on properly).  She had some good input and we got it all figured out and the tattooing went really well.  It's a lot of outline to get at once, but she did awesome.
Still have to add a pomegranate branch and rope at the top and a few flowers here and there but this is most of it...

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