Monday, January 31, 2011

Peonies, Rocks and Water

This a a great old client and friend of mine who is a very prolific artist himself.  We did the samurai half sleeve on him about seven or so years ago and he recently decided it was time to bring it all the way down.  
We will be continuing the background elements all the way down (except for the clouds, because water doesn't exist above clouds and I try to keep in mind the natural order of things when laying out this style of background no matter how stylized) and adding peonies.
There are an infinite number of variations on a Japanese nature/flowers piece, and this stuff never ever gets old for me.  Having fun so far, and after we finish it's over to the other arm to do the same thing...


  1. I must say, you do the nicest peonies I've ever seen. I go around looking at a lot of guys peonies. *cough*

    Seriously though, I can't get over the gorgeous curves and twists in each petal. I find that in some traditional style peonies come out a bit flat, but yours are always alive with movement.

    Normally I'm way too shy to comment on a real tattooist's blog, but this one compelled me to say "bravo, I love your work" :)