Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Toshi Hide

Our very good friend Hide from Japan is back!
He was here for a few weeks last February and has returned to finish up projects from last visit and do new work (in what is shaping up to be semi regular guest spot).
If you missed it the first go round, Hide is a member of the Horitoshi Family in Tokyo (a link to some of their work is to the right) and does traditional Japanese hand poke tattooing (tebori).
It is a fairly unique experience to be able to get this style of work outside of Japan, especially from a member of such a famous and amazing tattoo family.  
He's been pretty booked up from word of mouth already, but there are still a few appointments available over the next few weeks...
If interested, feel free to email through this page or call the studio at (707) 826-0456.

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