Thursday, June 9, 2011

Shoki Body Suit Day 15-18

I have to admit it...I am really impressed with this guy's fortitude.  To keep getting tattooed for several days in a row is no easy task (and to get in 8 sessions within three weeks).  We're not doing super epically long appointments every time, but the regularity and consistency could really grind on a person, especially the inner thigh and butt sections (which have been some of the more intense sections on my own body).  
He always communicates his willingness to sit for as long as I feel like working.  I think there has been only one session ever that he felt like finishing before I did.  I'm happy to be getting so much done, but also I'm in no rush.  This style of work is very rich and dense, and just takes some time to ensure it's super solid.
We are taking the next couple months of so the healing doesn't interfere with summer activities, and then full steam ahead in the fall...

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