Thursday, June 2, 2011

Koi Sleeve

This one has been a while in the making.  I think we've been discussing doing a koi sleeve on her for almost a couple years, and today we finally took the first step.  
She came up from around the Yosemite area for three days to get things going (she's got 1/2 day appointments tomorrow and Saturday as well).  
All went smooth and we sailed right through the first portion of outline.  Got a lot done for the amount of time we had and she's happy, so I'm happy. 
The goal for tomorrow is to try and draw on and outline the rest down to the wrist (or at least the bulk of it...).  It will be another koi and more water and blossoms, and possibly some rocks.  She really loves vibrant colors and wants the water bright blue, so I made the koi a bit larger so all those blues wouldn't overwhelm them...
Here's the rough concept sketch I'm working from...

P.S.  It's a super fun tattoo for me...

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