Thursday, May 26, 2011

Shoki Body Suit Day 11-14

He's back in action...
Took a little time to get him back in the rotation, but we're full steam ahead for the rest of the year.
We got 4 mellow (in terms of time) sessions in last week, and he's back next week for five days in a row.
His energy levels and enthusiasm for the piece are strong as ever, and I think we're both feeling very motivated to push forwards.  This is a lot of tattoo work to be getting, which can be pretty intense on the body and mind, but he is doing exceedingly well in both departments.
Won't bore you with the day to day shots, but here is what we got done this time.  
Framed out the front and side of the thigh and all around the demon.  Also outlined the third oni with fire and background on the butt, and connected all the background up his side.

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