Thursday, May 19, 2011

NYC Tattoo Convention

Just got back from the NY tattoo show.  I've worked in NY I believe around 7 or so times now and this was by far the best for me.
Nice steady but relaxed pace of work, and got to spend some real quality time (and eat some incredible food) with truly amazing people.  I stayed with my friend Shinji (Horizakura, from Tokyo now living and working in NY) and his wife, and shared the living room with another friend visiting from Tokyo, Masataka (Shunho is his tattoo name).  They are both members of the Horitoshi family and amazing people.  Their level of dedication to their craft, artistic capabilities, and just how they carry themselves as individuals and representatives of their family and teacher was very inspirational. 
 As always I worked with my tattoo"family"and mentors...Bill and Junii Salmon from the Diamond Club in SF.  Cruising around Manhattan and working with these amazing folks was very special and as good as it gets.  Already looking forward to next year...

Clockwise from L...Junii, Bill, Me, Miki, Horizakura, Shunho

P.S.  I was so wrapped up in the convention, I didn't take any actual tattoo pictures...

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