Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Fun one to draw and tattoo.
She has another woman on the other thigh with flowing robes and long hair (done by an old friend of mine Hector Fong at Tattoo 13 in Oakland) and wanted a companion on this leg.  I traced out the area of the existing one, and the initial idea was to sort of match the exact shape and style of that one, but as a mermaid.
Then she came in one day before her appointment to visit a friend getting tattooed and saw a Mucha style art nouveau woman I had drawn on the wall.  She expressed how much she liked that sort of style and it kind of stuck in my head, so I went home, scrapped the original concept drawing and drew this one up at the last minute.  It was great for me as I really enjoy this style a lot myself, and consider Mucha (who is the inspiration for her style hair and face) one of my favorite artist/designers of all time...

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