Monday, April 4, 2011


So here's the deal...
As some may know (everyone I unfortunately had to cancel recently), I had to go to the Bay Area last week for a family emergency.  As a double whammy I had a bit of a nasty accident while there and injured my back pretty bad.  
Went to the doctor first thing today and apparently I sprained my back.
It's still in a large amount of pain and I'm unable to work.  Hopefully this won't last too long and I'll be back in action soon.
Apologies to everyone who's appointments are getting messed up and thanks for the understanding.  The  work load has been overflowing lately and I'll be taking a brief hiatus from any brand new clients for a little while. 
 I've been asking interested folks to please get in touch starting in June to set up work for the fall and beyond.  Sorry if this puts anyone out, but right now I need to focus on healing the body, finishing current pieces, and drawing and starting all the new pieces that people have been waiting very patiently for.
I have a ton of respect for the fact that people are putting so much faith in me and take that responsibility very seriously.
Thanks again for the interest and support in what I'm trying to do...

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