Sunday, March 25, 2012

Geisha and Tiger

First session of a new backpiece started the other week.
I'm super stoked on how the session went and how everything is looking so far.  Sometimes it can be a bit nerve wracking to start a big tattoo on someone you've never tattooed that isn't heavily covered yet.  Sitting through a four hour outline from the front of the thigh to the shoulder isn't fun for anyone, and not knowing how someone will take it is scary.  All that terrain around the hip and up the side can be very difficult to do if they're squirming or twitching (especially if you're trying to get so much on at once and the design relies on it being very smooth and elegant).
I'm very pleased to say that she sat like a rock.  Couldn't have done better and it really made my work that much easier and more enjoyable.
Only part we didn't get on was the tiger's tail, which we'll draw on to flow nicely down the front/inner part of the thigh.  I think it fits her great and she's going to wear it well.  We'll get to the tail next time and her whole right shoulder is going to be a clustered cherry blossom branch.  Also the tiger will be perched on some rocks, covering up the peace sign.
I'm really enthusiastic about the projects I've been starting and looking forward to drawing in 2012, and stoked that so many folks are going for it an committing to these more involved pieces...