Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Finally getting around to some updates.  The lack of posting certainly isn't a reflection of lack of working, just been fairly overloaded lately and have had to let a few things slip.
Really wanting to get more on the regular with these posts though, as it's been a very helpful mental exercise in self analysis/reflection/criticism over the past couple of years.  I recommend to anyone doing art (or anything that they are trying to be mindful or creative in really) to try and write about it to others.  It kind of holds you accountable in a way, and reminds you to really think about what you're doing and why.  Also, I think people like reading about all the parts of the process that go into this.  There is so much to try and consider when drawing and planning a tattoo, and then another whole mindset involved in applying it.  Not to mention the client/artist relationships and all the strange magic that can come from that.
Anyways, enough rambling and on the the naked guy pics...

So on day three he got a break from the thigh and butt and we went over to the hip and outer thigh area.  It's can be a bit spongy around there, so it was a bit slower going than usual, but we got it all filled in and connected.  Getting more black around the tiger is really starting to help it lift off and pop more.

Day four is where it really comes together.  We did a lot of solid black in the rocks where the butt and lower back meet.  I say it really brings it together because that session effectively eliminated any skin showing anywhere from the shoulders to the thighs.  Having solid tattoo all around the butt and not seeing the crack really gives it that heavy Japanese look that I love (and to all those wondering and who ask me...no, we do not go "inside" the butt.  It gets tattooed to the edge of where the cheeks meet, and when he stands up it is a solid wall of tattoo).  And some kudos to him for getting through all that work.  It is some seriously dense tattoo in very unpleasant areas .  I'm glad that his understanding and dedication to the aesthetic and tradition of this look kept it all in perspective for him.

Our fifth and last day for the visit was spent taking care of some random odds and ends.  There was a little touch up to do on his left waist line where pants had rubbed on it too hard during the initial healing.  Then it was filling in all the little red berries on the rocks, layering more color in Shoki's skin, and finally filling in his eyes.  I was tempted to start some flames, but as we didn't have much time left, I'd rather wait and do them all at once during our next visit.
Also, here's a couple of bonus shots of the cut offs down the sides (the blanks spaces near on the back near the armpits and shoulders are intentional, as we'll be doing his arms next and I wanted to leave a little room to flow into them nicely).  It's designed to be able to look good and finished like this, or very easy to hook up to if he decides to do his sides (munewari)...


  1. This is fantastic. Thank you so much for continuing this story for us.

  2. Thanks man. Glad you think it's interesting (and I know you can relate)...