Thursday, December 8, 2011


Mr. Shoki's back in town for another action packed week.  Last set of sessions got cut a bit short, but there are no distractions this time and we're in serious work mode.
The first session we shaded more rocks on the outer left thigh and outlined across the lower back and started to fill that as well.  
Now everything is officially outlined and its all shading and color from here...

Day two was dedicated to finishing the rocks on the inner thigh and butt...

...not a fun day.  All up under the butt cheek is really no fun to get tattooed (or even to do I guess), but we powered through with no breaks and got it done.  The no break thing was really for two reasons.  First, that area has a tendency to swell really bad and if we stopped for a chunk of time it wold be difficult to come back and tattoo an area that was raised a quarter inch off the skin.  Second is pain management.  Once your in there working, even though it sucks and is very painful, the best thing sometimes really is to just persevere and get it out of the way.  If you take a break the body begins to relax and recover, and it becomes much more difficult to get back in "the zone" once you restart.  
Three more sessions this week, might even get to some color...

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