Thursday, October 6, 2011

Shoki Body Suit

I think I lost count of what session this is, but I'm just happy to be back to it.  After a little hiatus (and very graciously giving his last set of appointments to his lady) we're full steam ahead.
Probably wasn't the nicest thing for me to outline his butt after an extended layoff, but what can you do. This demon was initially slated for the back of the thigh, but it just wasn't clicking.  Then he suggested putting it on the cheek, and it worked perfect. I love it when the client comes up with an idea that totally works (looking back it seems obvious, but when you're in the thick of some creative fog it really is hard to see past it, and some help is always appreciated).  Really reinforces the idea that we're in this together.  Also, the curve of that part of the body gives a really cool effect to the arch of the oni's back.
Took the day off yesterday, but more drawing and outling today.
Here's a reminder of how the other side is looking...

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