Monday, July 11, 2011

Tiger Sleeve

 First session of what I am hoping will be a really cool sleeve (and one that I am very excited and honored to do).
We finished his back piece just two weeks before starting this and he's rearing to go...
This is the first of two tigers that will be the main attractions of the arm (along with more bamboo leaves, rocks, peonies and as I've recently decided, a waterfall).
I'm very happy with how it fits on him, as it can be a difficult transition to have an animal on the arm coming on to the chest and have it fit properly and look dynamic from all angles.  In my opinion, tigers are the most awkward to fit this shape as their bodies are way less free form than say a dragon or snake.
The tiger on the bottom of the arm will be quite a bit more fierce and the idea is that together they will form a nice balance and contrast.
We have been working very well together on actualizing his ideas, and it's nice that we can both get a lot out of the experience...

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