Friday, July 8, 2011

Suikoden Backpiece

Finished at last (well 99% at least)!
It's been a great experience for the both of us and I'm very pleased with the outcome.
He's been a great client and I really admire his dedication to getting tattooed and positive attitude.
Before the last session for this we had a consultation to brainstorm ideas for his sleeves.
So about two weeks after finishing this piece, we started the first of his arms (which is also very fun and cool).  I'll be getting some pics of the arm up when I get a free minute.  The work schedule has been on maximum overload.  Been doing non stop high energy work, but that means little to no time for any of the extras in life.
A big thanks to all for putting up with the crazy schedule and staying so motivated on these big projects...

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  1. We've used some of these pictures and linked to your blog in our blog post on tattooing in Japanese prints - - hope that's okay with you - your work is very fine indeed.