Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Drew another one on this arm.  The magenta one above was there already by a previous artist, and we'll be bringing the water up through all of them to tie everything together.
I really enjoy doing these flowers and especially just drawing them on the skin.  My friend Shad from Belgium does beautiful chrysanthemums, and sometimes just tattoos them straight into the skin, with no stencil or drawing at all.  I know there are some Japanese artists that do this as well.
This approach really fascinates me, and I'd be really curious to try it out some time...
Here's the one next to it from a month or so ago...

And here's one from last week.  Small and simple with plenty of white.  
It was going to be a peony, but after some research on her part, she opted for the chrysanthemum instead...

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