Friday, December 31, 2010

Samurai and Clouds

It's been quite a while since this arm's been worked on, so it was great to get back to it.  Filled in the last blank spot with the peak of a Japanese roof.
His concept with the tattoo in the beginning was a samurai who was protecting his home.  Since most of his upper arm was already tattooed, we didn't have a ton of room so I decided to do the samurai from the waist up and represent the home/castle with just part of the roof.  This way we could get more impact and detail, and not just some miniature dude and a tiny building.  
The spear in his hand sort of anchors him down and helps him look firmly planted in front of his home.
Was it easy tattooing that ornate roof on the elbow? Nope.  But do i feel like it worked out? Yup.

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