Tuesday, September 21, 2010


So I have been pretty resistant to doing any merch for a while, but I relented and did a small batch of shirts.  Initially I just wanted to make a few special ones to bring with me to Las Vegas as gifts for my friends, but the screen printer had a minimum order I had to fill so I have a few extra (only a couple dozen total, and the girl shirts are already gone).
I didn't want it to look to "computery" (i.e. a soulless logo), so everything is hand drawn and the lettering is my attempt to make an old work wear label or fruit crate sticker and give it a psychedelic/Japanese twist...
They are American Apparel shirts and a bit of a richer grey in real life.  At the shop now for $20, or I'd be willing to mail one out for $30 anywhere in the US.
Not sure if I'll be making any more shirts in the foreseeable future...

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