Thursday, March 4, 2010

Karashishi Finish

A few more hours today and finished! Feel pretty good about making it happen in 3 sessions (considering he is well over 6 feet tall). He sat great both days, and on to the back in a few more months...
Fun week, two great clients coming from out of town for two day Foo Dog tattoo sessions.


  1. BRIAN! You did a tattoo for me in October 2004!!! It still looks BEAUTIFUL! The best tattoo I have by far and if I had the time to fly back for a day from Hawaii to Arcata to get more work from you I already would have. Hopefully one day I'll make it back for some more work from you! Thank you so much! Everyone that has seen that tattoo has been blow away by the quality!

  2. Im feeling like a bullet proof Foo Dog!
    Re-blogging this later this week @
    Good Looken & Thank You!